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textHong Kong-born director, Ridley Tsui is something of a child prodigy. Following his father’s wish, at the tender age of seven, he formally entered a Beijing opera school and began the rigid learning exercises that
contributed to his present talents. Besides balancing regular school, practice, and homework, Ridley also needed to perform on stage every night with his fellow Beijing opera disciples. The rigorous training and disciplined schedule played a vital role in Ridley’s strong determination and enduring respect of the film industry.

In the 1980s, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung dominated the Hong Kong film industry with their action films. Since they also originated from Beijing Opera schools, hence, there was an increasing need for stuntmen with similar Beijing talents. This proved to be Ridley’s calling into Hong Kong’s film industry.

textAfter several years of performing some of the most dangerous stunts, Ridley proved to be a young star behind the scenes as well. Owing to his strong spirit, abilities, and positive working attitude, many producers and
directors favored him at that time. Therefore, he took on the role of Stunt Coordinator at the mere age of nineteen.

Since his specialty belonged in the action film category, with the support of Golden Harvest Film Company, Ridley’s opportunity to sit in the Director’s chair came through. At the age of 21, he directed his first film, "Final Target", which was produced by Golden Harvest. Thanks to his abilities, Ridley’s films were brought to the attention of Larry Kasanoff, producer of ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘True Lies’.

His calling to Hollywood came through in 1995, when Larry Kasanoff hired him to be the Stunt Coordinator of ‘Mortal Kombat: Annihilation’. This American breakthrough won him tremendous popularity, eventually
attracting the attention of several Hollywood filmmakers—Peter MacDonald, director of ‘First Blood’; and veteran action star, Steven Seagal, and Tarsem Singh, who is famous in the commercial industry and who recently directed ‘The Cell’.

As Stunt Coordinator, Ridley completed a Korean film ‘Resurrection of the Little Match Seller’ and an American TV miniseries, ‘The Lost Empire’, which was directed by veteran filmmaker Peter MacDonald. Owing to his expertise and determination, Ridley’s star-spangled future in Hollywood has only just begun.